Protective Orders

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Protecting Family Abuse Victims in the Texas Counties of Victoria, DeWitt, Jackson, Goliad & Calhoun

Unfortunately, family violence occurs all too often to victims across the state of Texas. Abusive behaviors within a household can occur between those who are related or unrelated as well as to those in dating relationships. Abuses can range from physical, verbal, emotional, and sexual assaults to stalking, isolation, and more. Fortunately, for anyone suffering such abuse, the state of Texas provides legal protection through court orders called protective orders.

If you or your child(ren) have been victimized by an abuser, The Pall Law Firm can help. Our experienced family law attorney provides assistance to those who have suffered harm or been threatened with harm by pursuing this legal action. Protective orders are meant to help prevent any further acts of violence and to protect your right to safety along with that of your children. They may also provide other restrictions and orders by the court that will create safeguards and resources for your wellbeing. 

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What Protective Orders Can Do in Texas

Protective orders have been established under Texas Family Code. The purpose of protective orders is to protect you and your children from abusive partners. They may be issued on a temporary basis or a permanent basis that can generally last for up to two years. These orders are enforceable by law enforcement and the courts. Should the named abuser in the order violate the order, it can result in jail time and/or a fine. 

Protective orders can provide the following restrictions and directions:

  • Order the person not to commit any further acts of abuse, such as threats, physical, sexual, or emotional harm, harassment, or stalking against you or your children whether through direct action or through someone else. 
  • Order the person to vacate the marital home.
  • Order the person not to make any contact with you, your children, or other household members at your home, where you work, or your children’s school or daycare.
  • Order the person not to communicate with you through text, email, phone, or by letter or via someone else.
  • Restrict the person from carrying any firearms, even if licensed.
  • Order the person not to harm family pets.
  • Award temporary child custody to you.
  • Order the person to provide temporary child support to you. 
  • Order the person to provide restitution for any medical expenses you sustained due to abuse.
  • Order the person to undergo counseling, such as anger management or substance abuse counseling.
  • Order the person to pay for your reasonable court expenses and attorney's fees.

The process involved in seeking a protective order includes serving your abuser with the court filing and attending a court hearing. Our attorney can be at your side at the hearing to guide you through the proceeding. It will be necessary to show the court that family abuse has occurred and that it is likely to reoccur. We will prepare your case and argue on your behalf before the judge in seeking the protection you need. This process can take up to a week or more which is why it is critical to seek help as soon as you have been victimized by domestic violence. 

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